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Meet our friends - Calico Campers.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

If travelling is your thing, then Calico Campers have got you covered. Like ourselves they are based in Cheshire with Directors and Co-owners Claire Havey and Mark Armstrong, currently owning two campervans called ‘Dani’ and ‘Archie.’ Both of which are available to hire all year round.

Established in May 2021, this quirky company was founded on a love for travel, adventure, and campervans. Both family friendly and budget friendly their campervans are designed to be like a home on wheels, that can take you all across the UK. And for any dog paw-rents out there, they’re also dog friendly so you can take them with you!

Their love for the open road paired with our own love for the perfect cup of coffee, means that this partnership was a match made in heaven. Both their campervans are stocked with either our single origin Myanmar coffee or our single origin Timor-Leste coffee. For the connoisseurs out there, the Myanmar has notes of Cinnamon, Satsuma, and Milk Chocolate whilst our Timor-Leste has notes of Pomelo, Biscoff and White Grape. So, grab your favourite mug or use one of theirs and start your adventure the right way.

For more information on Calico Campers and where you can go to hire a campervan, check out the following link to their website: Campervan Hire Chester | Campervan Holidays - Calico Campers (

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