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Coffee Shop Chester

Coffee Shop

Ginger Monkey 31 is a family-owned coffee shop serving great brunch, lunch, coffee, tea and cake.

Coffee Roasters Chester


At Ginger Monkey we roast our own coffee that you can now sell in your business, we can even help source all the machinery for you.

coffee beans

Coffee at Home

Love our coffee as much as we do? Buy your favourites and have them delivered to you as whole beans or ground.

coffee shop chester


Come try our homemade bakes in our coffee shop, Chester

About Ginger Monkey

We’re a family-owned, child (and dog!) friendly coffee shop offering delicious food, great coffee and good vibes in Chester.

At Ginger Monkey nothing is too much trouble and you will always be welcomed with a smile.

Guild of Fine Food Members

It is our aim to to serve the best food and drink by a great team. Being part of an organisation like The Guild of Fine Food shows how committed to this we are. They support us to give the best service we can.

Coffee Roasters Chester

Taste Cheshire Award Winners

We were so pleased to receive a bronze award for Family Friendly Venue from Taste Cheshire Food & Drink Awards 2022.

To be part of the awards we needed to be nominated by customers and those with most votes went forward to a shortlist. We were judged on a series of sections by a secret shopper.

We were thrilled that our customers voted for us, as delivering the best for you is what we are all about!

Coffee Shop Chester

Ginger Monkey Coffee Shop and Roastery: Brewing Excellence in the Outskirts of Chester



Welcome to Ginger Monkey, the epitome of coffee craftsmanship nestled in the outskirts of Chester. As passionate coffee roasters and purveyors, we take pride in delivering a delightful coffee experience. From our cozy coffee shop to wholesale coffee distribution, we cater to discerning coffee enthusiasts and businesses alike.

Our Story

Discover the Origins Ginger Monkey is not just a coffee shop; it's a labor of love. Our journey began with a simple idea: to source the finest coffee beans and share our passion with the community. With roots firmly grounded in Chester, our family-run establishment has grown into a beacon for quality coffee.

The Ginger Monkey Experience

Step into Coziness Upon entering our coffee shop, you're greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly roasted beans. Our cozy ambiance invites you to unwind, whether you're catching up with friends, working, or simply savoring a moment of solitude.

The Roastery* Behind the Scenes At the heart of Ginger Monkey lies our dedicated roastery. Here, we meticulously roast coffee beans to perfection, ensuring each cup tells a unique story of flavor. Our commitment to quality extends from the bean selection to the roasting process.


Our Offerings

Wholesale Delights For businesses seeking excellence in their coffee offerings, Ginger Monkey is your trusted partner. Our wholesale coffee program brings the same quality found in our coffee shop to your establishment. Elevate your coffee experience with our carefully curated selection of beans.

Coffee Beans Galore Explore our diverse range of coffee beans sourced from the world's best producers. From single-origin delights to expertly crafted blends, each bag tells a tale of craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality ensures a consistently exceptional cup every time.


Unveiling the Bean

From Crop to Cup Dive into the journey of our coffee beans, from the lush coffee plantations to our roastery. We prioritize direct relationships with producers, ensuring fair practices and sustainability. With Ginger Monkey, you're not just buying coffee; you're supporting a responsible and ethical coffee journey.

Coffee Machines for Every Enthusiast

Elevate Your Brew Ginger Monkey extends its passion for coffee to providing top-notch coffee machines. Whether you're a budding home barista or a business looking for commercial-grade equipment, we offer a curated selection to suit every need. Elevate your brewing experience with our premium coffee machines.

Crafting the Perfect Brew

Barista Secrets Unveiled Become a home barista with our expert tips and tricks. From grind size to water temperature, we share the secrets behind crafting the perfect cup. Our commitment to education extends beyond our coffee shop, empowering coffee enthusiasts to brew excellence in every sip.

Community Matters

Beyond Coffee At Ginger Monkey, community is at our core. Beyond serving exceptional coffee, we actively engage with and support our local community. Join us for events, workshops, and collaborations that celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

Visit Ginger Monkey Today

Plan Your Visit

Immerse yourself in the Ginger Monkey experience. Visit our coffee shop in Chester and witness the passion we infuse into every cup. Whether you're a casual coffee lover or a connoisseur, there's something for everyone at Ginger Monkey.


Contact Us

Let's Connect For wholesale inquiries, coffee orders, or just to say hello, reach out to us. Ginger Monkey is more than a coffee shop and roastery; it's a community of coffee lovers united by a shared love for exceptional coffee.



At Ginger Monkey, our commitment to excellence goes beyond the beans. We invite you to join us on a journey of flavor, community, and passion. Discover the art of coffee at Ginger Monkey—where great coffee meets heartfelt hospitality.

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